Turn your app into a
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Add value to your users by introducing new functionalities within your app and creating new revenue streams on the way.

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Launch miniapps
By integrating Appboxo SDK, your app can launch dozens of miniapps inside of your app in a native-like way.
Instant launch
When a user clicks on a button, miniapp is loaded near instantaneously. This improves user experience and core business metrics.
Customise design
Appboxo provides customisable miniapps that suit your needs and follow your design guidelines.
Checkout with one tap
Remove all frictions by connecting to Appboxo Connect API. Prefill forms and pass information to enable one click payments.
Integrate leading services
Appboxo Showroom is a marketplace for miniapps. You can choose relevant services for your app and easily deploy miniapps.
Skip development of native front-end
Miniapps already provide native-like interface which means no need for extra development
Skip legal discussions
Services predefine terms and commision rates, so you can skip commercial and legal negotiations and adopt standard terms

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