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Become Appboxo miniapp
Appboxo Miniapp is a new format of connecting to your customers. By integrating inside of other apps, miniapps get new traffic sources with relevant users at the right time.
Native-like experience
Appboxo miniapps create native-like user experience without the need to download the native app from the app store. Transition from the host app to mini app is seamless.
Build with Appboxo components
Appboxo Components Library helps you build native-like miniapp experiences.
Checkout with one tap
Remove all frictions by connecting to Appboxo Connect API. Prefill forms and pass information to enable one click payments.
One integration.
Multiple partnerships.
Appboxo Showroom is a marketplace for miniapps. After publishing your miniapp to Appboxo Showroom, relevant partners can request an integration. All data about volume and conversions will be visible in Appboxo platform.

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